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XAR7030 Series Power Inductors Halogen FreeRoHS CompliantXAR7030 Series Raised Power Inductors
  • Features terminals that elevate the inductor body 1.5 mm from the printed circuit board surface
  • Unique off-the-board construction allows standard power management IC packages (e.g., QFN/VQFN) to be mounted beneath the inductor, reducing overall board space
  • Excellent current handling – up to 60 A; Exceptionally low DCR –
    only 1.26 mOhms
  • Now available as standard, off-the-shelf product
  • Click to learn more and order free samples.
XTL7030 Series Power Inductors AEC CompliantHalogen FreeRoHS CompliantXTL7030 Series Power Inductors
  • Side metal terminations for automated optical inspection (AOI) of the component during the solder reflow process
  • Inductance values up to 47 µH – significantly higher than same-sized products available from other manufacturers
  • Current ratings up to 5.3 Amps and exceptionally low AC + DC power losses for greater efficiency
  • Click to learn more and order free samples.
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